Phil Mace


Previous Projects
Phil Mace

Phil Mace

Digital Producer

Ecommerce website in WooCommerce

Aug - Oct 2020 Potts Point Vintage Recycled Cloths

Development of WordPress store for local business with ongoing Support

LMS Website and Video Tutorials

April - Nov 2020 Sales Made Simple

Creation of a full Learning Management System in WordPress and Lifter LMS

Setup of home studio and creation of training program with animation </p

Website Design and Development

Nov - Dec 2020 HOPE Medical Clinic

<p<This small project was to redesign and rewrite the website for Geriatrician Doctor Sidhu. The objective was to your revamp the design and content of the WordPress website and update the content.

The scope was expanded to create an Interview of the Doctor to be transcribed for an article for the local media and to incorporate a video introduction for patients and to refer medical Professional the service of the Geriatrician.

The website is also optimized to be found for anyone looking for a Geriatrician especially in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

This project has ongoing support to facilitate ongoing management of Google My Business and Social Posting

The role also includes:
  • Website Design
  • Editing of Digital Assets
  • Logo Design
  • On location Filming
HTML, CSS, WordPress, Adobe CC: Premier-pro, Photoshop, Audition, Illustrator

Digital Producer

Sept - Nov 2019 Glaucoma Australia

Production of content and video for online recourses

Digital Video & Animation Producer

Sept 2018 to March 2019 NSW Business Chamber

Creating motion graphics for various media delivery platforms both traditional and Social

Research & guidance to clients on filming and content acquisition where possible, assisting the transition to the post-production environment and overall outcome.

Technical advisor of motion graphics and the impact of content on the success of campaigns Apply VFX and edit TV and online content Edit video projects and animation composition.

The role also includes:
  • Editing and Audio Engineering of Digital Assets
  • On location Filming and Studio/Audio/Lighting setup
  • Upskilling of staff in Media Production
  • Setting out Video Brand Guidelines
  • Animation Production of Brand Assets
A large proportion of this work is hands-on Filming & Editing Production. Adobe CC: Premier-pro, Aftereffects, Photoshop, Audition, Illustrator MAC & PC

Digital Content Producer

Ongoing Volunteer House to Grow

This is a voluntary storytelling role using video and motion graphics to produce a range of digital assets to promote the brand. My responsibility is to produce a script and build the entire production as well as source subject matter and data mine the strategic target audience.

Digital Producer

May - June 2018 Resolution Media

Digital Manager/Project Manager of Digital Banners. This was a short freelance assignment.

Digital Producer

March - April 2018 ActionUTS

Production of Digital Media across the UTS Websites and Campus

39'er Voluneers

2018 Feb Video and website record of Mardi Gras Float

ACTION: Create video recording to the 39'ers float in the 2018 Sydney Mardi Gras including a record of its production and creation of a website to host the video and associated social postings during and after the event

RESULT: Attended the float production workshops and recorded on mobile phone footage. I attended the float in the Sydney Mardi Gras 2018 Parade with cinema standard Sony 4K camera with slow-motion special effects. then edit video clip to embed into a website, and social media with VOX POPS from volunteers attend in the float documenting their roles in the creation of the event of the past 39 years on the 40th Anniversary

The Rose

2016 - 2018 Development and support of online resources

TASK Developed and redesigned the brand and integrate all sub brands to work via the website

Also support on going maintenance of the websites

The Rose Beauty Bar

2017 Redesign WordPress Website

TASK This project was to redesign the content of this Sub Brand of The Rose Medical Centre in the Perth, and to integrate all enquires into the main site to facilitate promotion of packages of services. within the Medical Centre.

Face Forward

2017 Redesign WordPress Website

TASK This project was to redesign the content of this Sub Brand of The Rose Medical Centre in the Perth, and to integrate all enquires into the main site to facilitate promotion of packages of services. within the Medical Centre.

Woocommerce was used to create a product database was integrated into the main website

Aesthetic Academy Australia

2016 - 2018 Create LMS WordPress Website

TASK Develop an online tutorial system with LfterLMS. This is to prepare medical professional for the aesthetic practical workshop.

The project involved the transition from the manual classroom to one that can be completed anywhere. Workshops promotion was created and all training videos edited to create lessons.


2018 Jan Html5 Aniated Banners

ACTION: Create html5 Banner set for Prodcuts Tribex and Berry Blaster

RESULT: A full range of html5 banners for Ad wrods, 161 platform and Generic with embedded Video. Also built flat jpeg versions and animated gifs.


2017 Nov - Dec Shopify Template Customisation

ACTION: To refine a purchased Shopify template CSS into the AMISET NL Brand and integrate Product videos.

RESULT: Production of fully operational Shopify e-commerce solution with the AMISET team.


2016 - 2018 Create Promotional Product Video for Social Media

ACTION: Create a range of low-cost videos for the key range of product to be integrated into social media and blog posts for the Dutch Sublimit Manufacture in the Netherlands and across Australia and South Asia. The purpose of the project was to find an alternative sales trigger to the traditional print campaigns.

RESULT: Relocated to Amsterdam to work with the Dutch team and built a range of video branding ads in Dutch, English and Mandarin using Aftereffects. The project was expanded to include conversion pages for the best sell products.

Skin & Cancer Foundation

2006 - 2018 Website Support and Development

ACTION: Had previously designed 2 earlier sites for the Foundation. Was engaged to design a new Joomla 3 site to integrate 4 internal branches of the Foundation, re-brand the public face of the Foundation as The Skin Hospital and future proof elements of the site and enable in-house management. Performed a needs analysis and work shopped outcomes with department heads. Worked extensively with Directors of Nursing at multiple hospital sites and marketing teams.

RESULT: Implemented an eCommerce solution to integrate with external suppliers. Added a booking system for student placements and events. Developed an automated online appointment system for corporate skin checks and donations. Created a training site for skin specialists, inclusive of webinars. Enabled password protected access for each department, and an enrolment-based, subscription system. Realised an increase in online donations of 25%. Monthly reporting on sales now in place, and time saved is equivalent to 43 days pa.

ARQ Night Club

2015 Create promotions for weekly club events

Worked on a range of After Effect templates to promote special club events for publication on Facebook

NSW Health | Positive Speaker Bureau

2016 Digital Producer/Director

Here I scripted storyboarded and designed an educational presentation to provide health professionals with an understanding of the stories of the people with HIV rather than the disease. The result was a DVD that was given out to Educators and Medical Practitioners at HIV conferences as well as providing content for Social media.

Australian Foundation of Disability

2014-2016 Web design, Support & Maintenance

Retained to redevelop their Joomla Website and Maintain the website. This project was to elevate the profile of the Disability organisation and tell the personal stories. I helped develop resources for carers with respite information and developed an automated employment utility to help find opportunities for people with disability and long-term unemployed.

NSW Health | Positive Life.

2011 - 2013 Transfer of legacy Drupal site and redesign responsive site on Joomla 3.

ACTION: Resolved maintenance issues for in-house staff by migrating legacy site to Joomla. Designed fully responsive template that can be replicated to host landing pages for new campaigns. Centralising resources, previously managed across multiple databases.

RESULT: Enabled in-house maintenance with ease and minimal effort, saving circa $15K pa in external agency costs. Created responsive site, increased mobile audience and saved rankings. The project culminated in a rebrand and included automated event bookings, online ticketing, video streaming from the site. Transitioned print publication online, enabling dialogue with a global audience.

NSW Health | Positive Life.

2013 - 2015 Wrapped or Raw Risk Management Education

ACTION: Designed a creative and engaging story-based multimedia solution comprising website, personal video interviews, SlideShares and downloadable PDFs to provoke conversation and open dialogue around controversial and sensitive health practices and managing associated risks. Navigated the complexity of subject matter and sensitivities related to content, recruited, interviewed and filmed interviewees and presented a world class multimedia platform for peer-to-peer communication and education for health professionals and the HIV positive community.

RESULT: Increased awareness and engagement with target audience as measured by website activity, with subject matter used in multiple international speaking engagements by health professional and community representatives. Project and content received international acclaim and was subsequently translated into several languages and presented at over 20 international symposiums.

NSW Health | Positive Life.

2013 - 2015 SEO Report

ACTION: Used initiative and completed comprehensive keyword research and drew on analytics to identify search terms being used by the audience, which contradicted the politically correct terminology proposed by the project sponsor.

RESULT: Presented evidence of results, which enabled the project manager to secure $12K in Government funding for future campaigns based on fact-based SEO evidence over assumptions.

Website Administrator

2012-2013 Part time volunteer

This was a volunteered role maintaining the ACON Website with updates for the organisation


2009 Underwear promotion and e-commerce solution

This was a project to create an affordable e-commerce solution to a startup local startup label. I had worked with Micheal Nickolas previously in his music videos and part of the project was to create video content that was promoted in early social media that created a dedicated following of the brand.

Sanofi Aventis

2005 - 2008 Website Design & Maintenance

Sanofi Aventis retained me to create a video based upskilling website to teach aesthetic medical practitioners in how to use their product Sculptra. I also developed their public information pagers to help the public understand the effects of aging and to show HIV patients how the product transforms people deformed by wasting disease as well as where to get help.

Australian Mortgage Options (AMO).

2007 - 2016 Review, analyse and update website to optimise radio advertising expenditure

ACTION: Led the organisation through the design and development of its first Joomla site (2.5) 6 years ago to act as a simple shop front. Redesigned and launched a fully mobile responsive Joomla 3 site 6 months ago, using bootstrap as a dynamic core structure, added an online mortgage application form, and lead capture forms. Optimised web pages and content using SEO strategies based on keyword research, and monitored Google analytics to tailor meta descriptions, images and alt tags.

RESULT: Delivered on time, and on budget with additional strategies presented for increasing traffic and capturing leads, including blog posts, video blogs, financial seminars and social media integration to be implemented internally. Set the foundations for an increase in traffic from an average of 300 unique visitors per day in March 2015 to 5000 unique visitors per day (1555% increase) in September 2015, and 800 page views to 20,000 page views (2400% increase). Average time on site now 14 minutes longer than previously. Leads are now captured and feed into a fully automated marketing funnel. Weekly analytics trigger SEO updates and monthly reports ensure management and marketing are appraised of outcomes.

Sydney Harbour Party

2001 - 2003 Part of the LGBT Sydney Mardi Gras

This project was to document the Syndey Harbour Party as a way of saying thank you to the volunteers that made the event possible. I was retained by Project Director and co-founder Philip Diment OOA. The project spanned the final two years before the event closed.

Sleaze Ball

2001 Part of the LGBT Sydney Mardi Gras

This was the last ever Sleaze Ball. I was retained to document the event. I was one of four cameras and project managed the coverage of the event as well producing the final edit.

1999 Director/Producer

Retained to travel across America and UK scripting and filming a sequence of films under the title "Where in the Word is Pam?". The work took the Character, Pam Ann, otherwise known as Carol Reed to the UK to where she continues to entertain. I worked with Carol originally to build up the audience excitement prior to coming on stage. I went on to partner with here to gain a global sponsor to taker to the UK filming and scripting short films for our sponsor as we travelled throw the US and UK on route to the Edinburgh Comedy Festival.

TVS - Conversations with Robyn

1998 Editor and Camera

This was a volunteer role. I was part of the team that founded the show "Conversations with Robyn" for the community station TVS. It was the highest rated program on the channel at that time and covered in-depth interviews of people making a difference within the work at that time.

Pam Ann

1999 Where in the word is Pam?

Pam Ann is the alter ego of Carol Reed. An infamous comedian in the live entertainment scene of the 90s in Sydney and Melbourne now performing in London and New York. I worked with Carol originally to build up the audience excitement prior to coming on stage. I went on to partner with here to gain a global sponsor to taker to the UK filming and scripting short films for our sponsor as we travelled throw the US and UK on route to the Edinburgh Comedy Festival.